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    This is a pretty standard medium-sized suburban Sheraton. It is located in the suburbs of Madison, quite far from the University of Wisconsin campus, downtown, and the state government buildings. There are a few chain family restaurants nearby but little else in walking distance. Although maps give the impression that the hotel is located on the lake, I could not see any water from my high floor room on what should have been the lake side of the building. The hotel has free parking, including some lots that seem to be shared with nearby office buildings.

    The building is about eight stories tall. There are conference facilities to handle medium-sized meetings, many of which I suspect are organized by the university. There is a restaurant and the standard lobby business center. The hotel has a small indoor pool, but it didn't look especially inviting to me.

    My room was smallish but pretty standard although it seemed dark, perhaps because of the navy duvet on the bed. The lounge also impressed me as small and somewhat dark, although the evening lounge staff seemed very nice. I noticed the attendant preparing a big plate of snacks as a doggie bag for a regular guest who would be arriving late that evening. This is wonderful service that I was told they were willing to do for any arriving Plat who called to request it before the food is removed. Breakfast seemed more generous than standard, IIRC with a few hot dishes such as scrambled eggs. Plat recognition was OK, but I didn't get a suite as the hotel has only a few select standard suites and a number of regular returning guests at the property.

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