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    The official name is Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center. Despite the term "convention center," I did not have an issue with a 4 pm checkout the two times I requested it.

    This hotel is located seven minutes (their claim) from the Raleigh-Durham airport. To get from the airport to the hotel, you must call; it's shuttle service on demand and they are not permitted to wait at the airport. For the reverse, shuttles are scheduled on the hour, not 24/7, although you might be able to join an additional shuttle run for airline crew.

    In late 2010, I stayed here four times and was happy except for my last stay. I was upgraded to a suite every time, sometimes with prodding ("I can't upgrade you from that rate from," clearly wrong!) and sometimes preassigned in advance of my arrival. These suites were large king-bedded rooms with separate living, dining, and sleeping areas, but no dividing walls or doors. Some were irregularly shaped and one had a wet bar area. Bathrooms were small and ordinary, reflecting the age of the hotel.

    There is a club floor and lounge. However, it was not open during any of my stays. I was given coupons for two free drinks (less expensive wine by the glass, for example) in the bar and buffet breakfast in the restaurant. The bar has a small menu of interesting appetizers and snack items. There is also a coffee and cold food "bistro" in the lobby; it opens early for those having early flights.

    The hotel has a fairly large outdoor pool. The health club facility is a Gold's Gym located in the parking lot and requiring a quick walk outside to access.

    My issue with this hotel concerned its shuttle service from the airport and the way problems were handled. I called and was told the shuttle would be sent right away. Then I waited and waited and waited outside on a raw and windy night. Calling back several times resulted in comments that it wold be there in a few minutes, it had been sent when I first called, etc. When the shuttle did arrive forty-five minutes later--there were no traffic or weather problems--the driver was rude and made me wait almost an additional twenty minutes for a flight crew that was supposedly on their way, but no one knew whether their flight was late. The driver easily could have taken me to the hotel and been back at the airport in time to collect them. When I arrived at the hotel, I asked for the manager to call me the next morning. He never did during the entire day (I left the hotel around 5 pm) and he didn't call me later either.

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