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Discussion in 'Starwood | Preferred Guest' started by Leumas, Jun 29, 2011.

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    After being dropped off by the Element airport shuttle, I checked into this property. I've stayed here before a couple of years ago, not much has changed. I think they might have switched over to a flat-screen TV since last time... :) (Oh, I'm a Plat, compared to a Gold back then.)

    Don't think I was upgraded, excepted put onto the SPG floor where the lounge was. Unlike the Sheraton JFK, this is a bit bigger. I can understand if you typically stay at Sheratons in NA, coming to a place like the Sheraton Sydney, you'll think Sydney is the best thing. Coming the other way, you may be tempted to think how can they still call themselves a Sheraton...

    Staff seemed very jaded, just like the property. It's probably the worst of the 3 Starwoods at DFW and the price reflects that. I got the room at under $90... Good if you won't stay in your room too long and for a cheap mattress run, I guess...

    I asked if they can pop me over to the Westin, which is just on the other side of the freeway across a bridge and they wouldn't do it. (My room actually looked straight at the Westin.) I ended up walking there when it was about 100F outside...

    - Cheap rates
    - At least there is a lounge

    - Jaded, both staff and property
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    This is my third stay at the Sheraton Grand DFW this year, and most likely, my last. Tonight, I had the unpleasant experience of smelling cigarette smoke in my room. I contacted the front desk and they offered to move me to another room. It was 11:30pm! I told them I shouldn't be the one to be inconvenienced, I wanted them to find out who was smoking and take care of it. I was contacted by officer (who knows) of loss prevention who informed me he could not do anything about it unless he saw the smoker with his own eyes! Hello? This is a non-smoking hotel! Find the person violating your policy and do something about it! My room now wreaks of cigarette allergies are now going crazy and I am one pissed off SPG Platinum guest who will most likely be staying at another DFW hotel on my next visit....:(

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