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    I've stayed here dozens of times, but didn't stay tonight. I booked two rooms on the concierge floor, both with the atrium windows. One was for my wife and I, one for my daughter. I had called the day before to ask / make sure that they were adjoining knowing that there aren't many of the type I booked that are. I was told that I'd been blocked into such a set of rooms. When I arrived around 3:00 the nice lady at the front desk let me know that the rooms were showing ready, but hadn't had the final inspection yet. She asked a co-worker to go check both rooms...I heard her do this and also told her both room numbers. 5-10 minutes later the woman returned and gave the thumbs up; we were checked in. I went to the car with a luggage cart (no bell service), loaded up, got the family and headed up. We walked in and almost knocked over the garbage can half full of water with a towel floating in it that was underneath a leaky AC unit evidenced by a ceiling that looked like it was about to fall in. I called down and they asked if maintenance could be sent up. This was nothing that maintenance was going to make right so I asked for another set of rooms, anywhere in the hotel. I was finally told that we would have two rooms down lower in the hotel and instead of king rooms, one would be a double and one would be a king.
    I asked if our rate would be adjusted and was told that no, they would not be charging us more for these different rooms. I pointed out that I'd booked on the club floor which costs more and booked into the atrium rooms which cost more; oh, we can lower your rate that's fine. Ok. In the intervening 10-15 minutes, we talked it over and decided to skip it in entirety. Just as someone arrived with keys to the different rooms, we finished booking two rooms at a different (admittedly nicer and more expensive) hotel. I made sure to ask about cancellation fees as I handed over my original keys. I can't be sure, but I don't recall and apology. I was told that I'd get 2k SPG points for the trouble. So here's my takeaways: 1. The person who checked the room obviously lied about it; you could not have opened the door without seeing the garbage can; 2. This hotel is in dire need of a major overhaul. Redoing the lobby, bedding and work out room doesn't fix the failing infrastructure. This property epitomizes the US Sheraton brand for me. A total crap shoot.
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    This hotel was rundown 5-7 years ago when I used to stay occasionally. I started avoiding Sheratons because of hotels like this. It shows in the number of SPG rooms I book nowadays. Unfortunate. Sorry to hear about your experience.
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