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Discussion in 'Starwood | Preferred Guest' started by tommy777, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Picked the hotel because of location and price (149 Euros for a club room). This was a one night stay.

    The airport Sheraton is a little newer, but is always a lot more expensive, for my stay, it was 120 Euros more per night. .

    Took the train (7 Euros) from Brussels Airport, it takes only 10-15 minutes, station is the first one, Brussels North. About a 5 minute easy walk from the train station.

    I was assigned a Club room at check in and had to squeeze their arm to get a suite as a Plat. The suite was a lot nicer than the regular room I had the last time I was here (about two years ago)

    The suite was a one bedroom, quite large. 3 bottles of Evian water -- complimentary. Separate shower and tub. Club is pretty good. Lots of great restaurants very close to the hotel.

    All in all, a good stay, would definitely come back.

    Just make sure to apply some pressure to get the suite you've earned as a plat ;)
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    Great to know, I have a one nighter in Nov and am contemplating this @ 5000/$45 vs. the Crowne Plaza on points.

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    I'm there a couple of weeks a year. I've never see a suite, but don't much care (I'm working and use the room only for sleep). Did you happen to venture to the fitness center? It's recently been up in some attic-like space where hotel staff needs to escort you along narrow corridors with pipes hanging overhead. I hope that Improves before my November 2013 visit.

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