Shark Cage Diving Adelaide/Port Lincoln

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    I just added some days to my Australia trip this summer (July) and I would like to knock off a bucket list item of cage diving with great white sharks in Australia.

    It appears the the launch points of this are in Port Lincoln, near Adelaide.

    Does anyone have any experience or insight with operators or the experience itself?

    I was checking out Calypso Star Charters and Adventure Bay Charters online. Of the two, Calypso is the only one to bait and chum the water which leads me to believe that they are going to see more sharks. However, Adventure Bay seems to work with smaller groups of people.
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    Are you certain about that? I just visited both their websites:

    and the pictures posted online for Adventure Bay appears to show a lot of fish parts floating in the water with the great white shark! :eek:

    Both dive operators appear to have great websites, so it's a tough call from looking at just that information. As a long-time diver, I'm also an Undercurrent no-ad newsletter subscriber (very highly recommended -, but surprisingly didn't find anything written about either of these dive tour operators in their data base. The latest Undercurrent Chapbook for 2015 is 797 pages of reader's worldwide dive experiences, but nothing was listed for either of these Australian dive operators.

    Among the "Big Boys" of dive operators in Australia are Mike Ball (Cairns - and Dive Adventures (Sydney and Melbourne - You could always check with these folks to see who they recommend, based upon their own dive master's experiences.

    Or perhaps some of the good folks from Oz on Milepoint who know some divers may be able to help you out, paging @About Again, @Chimpy, and @savydog ! ;)

    If for some reason, this doesn't work out, there are great white shark cage dives closer to home, including in California and Guadeloupe (Caribbean). Good luck! :)

    And why not post a picture or two of your Aussie dive experiences on Milepoint? :cool:
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