Share miles 100% bonus returns, but price increased 50%

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    This time thru 30 June.

    I've bitten twice in recent months. I'm not sure how many more USAir miles I need to be hoarding, though...

    UPDATE: the price has increased to $.015 per mile (from $.01) plus the $30 transaction fee and 7.5% tax. And the "bonus" is distributed differently. I'm not buying at this new price. Thanks to Gary for catching the changes. As before, these are processed by, not USAir, so credit card bonuses for airline spend won't apply.
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    If you are interested, I *am* still in need of a few more miles, so if you want to do a share trade, each of us sharing max, we both get 50k points each at the end of the transactions. I could use 50k more.....just email me or contact me here and we'll do a swap.

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