Shanghai Transit w/o Visa -- Passport Validity Requirements? (And other questions)

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by LarryInNYC, May 18, 2014.

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    I have a 12 hour daytime PVG layover (en route BKK -> YYZ) w/ the family this summer and would like to use the TWOV program to spend the day in the city.

    I believe that to obtain a visa one is now required to have a year's validity left on their passports. Does the same rule apply for entering the country under TWOV? Two family members have passports expiring next spring.

    Also, since we will not be staying at a hotel, or even overnight, does anyone know if the registration-with-police requirement applies to us?

    Finally, I understand that we must be notated by the arriving airline as TWOV passengers. Is this still true? Can we do it at check-in time for the BKK -> PVG flight or does it have to be done in advance. Does anyone have any experience with TWOV with TG as the arriving carrier? Are they generally familiar with this procedure?
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    Eagerly awaiting answer to your question, as I might have a similar trip (not BKK, but DEL) with long layover.
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