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    Hey guys,
    I'm doing SFO-NYC-FRA-TYO-(domestic) in a premium cabin. I'm trying to figure out an optimal sleep strategy to maximize or balance awake time once I arrive in Asia and product enjoyment along the way.

    SFO-NYC is in domestic first, leaving around 9am, arriving around 5pm.
    NYC-FRA is in a premium cabin, leaving around 7pm, arriving around 9am.
    FRA-TYO is in a premium cabin, leaving around 11am, arriving around 7am.
    TYO domestic departure is 10am.

    My NYC-FRA-TYO legs are where I'd like to be awake, if it makes sense. SFO-NYC is a recliner seat, so it's sort of sleepable, but not really. I've also done it before, so I'm not missing anything if I sleep through it. I still need to hop a 2 hour bullet train once I get to my domestic destination, so some amount of coherency is required.

    Any suggestions or pointers are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Well, you should set your internal clock to Tokyo so you can adjust before arrival, so you:

    Leave SFO at 2am JST, arrive NYC at 7am JST
    Leave NYC at 9am JST, arrive FRA at 5pm JST
    Leave FRA at 7pm JST, arrive TYO at 7am JST (+1)

    I'd try to stay awake as much as possible from SFO and sleep on the FRA-TYO leg. As it is, you'll be leaving FRA at about 2am SFO time, so you'll be tired enough to sleep on the FRA-TYO leg. I haven't traveled this far east to go west, but I have done west-coast USA to southeast Asia via Europe, and this strategy tends to work for me.
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    Take melatonin

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