SF Police catching heat for using pass keys at hotels

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    San Francisco Police are taking heat for using pass keys to make arrests at hotels in the Tenderloin. The police chief says it's better than breaking down doors, but the public defender calls it a "double standard."
    At a justice forum, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr was asked if undercover officers should be allowed to use pass key's to enter hotel rooms.
    "I know that at all of these hotels they just as soon we not be breaking down their doors and then paying to fix the doors," Chief Suhr said.
    In a recent case, the chief watched surveillance video from a Tenderloin hotel in which undercover officers could be seen entering a drug suspect's room. When a neighbor stuck his head in to see what was happening, officers in the room rushed out, grabbed the man around the neck and searched him.
    The incident prompted a response from Deputy Public Defender Anne Irwin. "Can you imagine police officers arriving at the Ritz Carlton, informing the front desk that they'd like a key that opens all of the hotel rooms and (that) they don't need an escort thought the hotel, they'll just be doing what they'd like?" Irwin asked. "There would be public outcry."
    Irwin says the way police behave in these single occupancy hotels (SRO) is wildly different from other hotels.
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    Well I would imagine that whether it's the RC or a Motel 6, the police are either executing a search warrant or an arrest warrant, which should give them enough leverage with the hotel to assist. And it's in the best interest of the hotel to not have their doors broken. :)

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