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    As some have noticed depending on how you access/use MP, there are some bugs popping up as we get fully moved to a new server solution. I just noticed a couple threads outside of the feedback forum that I missed before, so here is a place to put everything that pops up.

    Current Issues:
    1. Ads cause the "Unsafe Scripts" popup/the shield in the URL bar
    2. IPv6 currently not supported
    3. Milepoint iOS and Android are broken at different degrees on different devices

    Let Us Know If You Have These Issues:
    1. Frequent logging out
    -Please tell me: Are you on Did you check the Stay Signed In box?
    2. Not getting notifications from Watched Threads
    -Should be fixed as of 2:10pm MST 1/28

    The top 3 issues don't worry about commenting on as they're working through things. The second group (just fixed one) and anything else you stumble on please let me know with as much detail as you can provide (screenshot, OS you're using, browser, etc).

    If you have the same issue as someone who posted earlier in this thread, please "Like" their post. Sending this thread to the tech team so they can keep tabs on it and want to keep it condensed.

    Thanks so much and hopefully this all gets worked out soon.

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