September is Mileage Run Month!

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    It’s August. Next month is September. I know my months.
    Anyways, because I dont have any school in September, i’ve decided to make September my mileage run month. (yay)
    If many of you don’t know what a mileage run is, it’s basically finding really cheap fares to places you’d probably never go to gain a ton of elite status miles. You see, there is a difference between earning points on the credit card and earning points on the plane! Credit card points dont help to get elite status, except for some. Like many others, I turn to Mileage runs to get elite status. This year, i’m aiming to retain my Silver status on United (lol) and to earn silver on Delta. (LOL)
    Silver status gives you complimentary upgrades to the next cabin IF AVAILABLE. The IF is a big word because ever since more and more people have become elite, it’s been harder to get upgrades. Either way, i’m determined to get my status!
    Here is how I plan to do it:
    Total Elite Qualifying Miles right now: 13,983 United MileagePlus​

    Total needed to get to Silver: 11,017

    Upcoming Flights in September:

    Simple Terms: Los Angeles-Atlanta-Pittsburgh-Atlanta-Los Angeles​

    Total Miles: 5,223 DELTA Elite Miles Earned​

    All in less than 24 hours!

    Simple Terms: Los Angeles-Las Vegas-San Francisco-Houston-Boston-Newark-Houston-San Francisco-Las Vegas-Los Angeles​

    Total: 7,768 Elite Miles Earned​

    All in less than 24 hours
    ONT-PHX-LAX $120​

    Simple Terms: Ontario-Phoenix-Los Angeles (Family Trip!)​

    Total: 1,000 Elite Miles Earned (500 minimum if you’re elite)​

    BUR-IAH-LAX -$178​

    Simple Terms: Burbank-Houston-Los Angeles​

    Total: 2,757 Elite Miles Earned​

    It’s time to tally up our scores!
    7,768+1,000+2,757+13,983= 25,508 United ELITE POINTS!!
    Total Cost: Under $664!
    Looks like I get silver for one more year!

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