SEN for £129? To BCN and ZRH with Swiss

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    As Milepoint still won't allow mega-photo linking (and I love to tell trips through photos - and I really can't be bothered editing in BBCode all year), I'm still linking out my trip reports to my blog -

    However, for your amusement here are some of the salient points and questions I'll answer in this Trip report?


    - Timing is everything, especially on Virgin Trains.
    - Can a down in the dump lounge improve? Find out!
    - Are those little Fokkers that bad or are they just misunderstood if you're in Economy?
    - Why I Like Turkey Sandwiches and why Swiss is good for them...
    - HIX - Nice Idea, shame about the bed?
    - LX's SEN Lounge - Or why I ended up buying a Nespresso Machine
    - Short Intra-Schengen Turnarounds
    - Zurich - Home of Cheapish Chocolate.
    - How many Swiss Airline chocolates can you collect over 4 flights?

    All that, and a bit more in: "SEN for £128.20?"

    You can also find more of my previous adventures there too.

    Thoughts and Comments welcome :)
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