Seeking biking/cycling tour in Bordeaux

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    A colleague of mine is planning on taking a cycling tour of Bordeaux (who knew they had prehistoric cave drawings in France?!), and all the tours she has been able to find so far are extremely expensive (in the $7,500 range for just over a week). As a relatively frugal traveler, this seems absolutely absurd to me. Any of you have any recommendations re: cycling or biking tours in Bordeaux/surrounding areas? Thanks in advance :)
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    That price doesn't strike me as crazy, assuming it includes half way decent lodging, meals, a quality bicycle and having your gear transported plus a support vehicle and guides.

    That is an expensive part of the world.

    They could go solo - map their own route, pitch a tent every other night (staying in a hotel the alternate nights), and probably make it work for less than $1,500.
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    France is kind of the epicenter of prehistoric cave drawings.

    $7,500 sounds pretty ridiculous. My step-mother is off on a tour of that area of France (assuming your friend is looking at the area around the Dordogne where the most prehistoric sites are located) this spring and will be paying closer to $300 (or a little less) a day for an escorted small group (I think 11 people) tour including all transportation, accommodation, and most meals.

    This is also something that's is eminently doable on one's own. I have done walking and (limited) cycling tours in France as well has having hitchhiked most of it. Although I haven't been for the better part of a decade, it certainly used to be true that by judicious use of smaller hotels and, if one is so included, more rustic accommodations (such as the countryside gites ruraux that cater to walkers and cyclists), France could actually be a pretty inexpensive place to visit.

    A quick look at the Gites site indicates that farmhouse / countryside accommodation is about 50-60 euros a night for two with breakfast included.

    Intrepid Small Group Travel advertisers a number of bicycle trips at about $1500 per week including hotels, breakfast, and dinner. Some are self-guided (they make all the reservations, transport your luggage, etc). It's not clear to me whether they provide the bikes or that's extra.

    In any event, you should be able to do this for well under $7,500.
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