Seeking Advice on Verizon Road Connectivity Options

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by Explore, May 23, 2013.

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    My wife and I are pretty much locked into Verizon for North American travel. We have contracts and a corporate discount.

    My Motorola 3G smartphone has given up and may need a battery replacement, or more likely I'll replace the phone. When I do that I'll probably want to add a second device, which likely will be an ultra-thin tethered laptop instead of an I-Pad. I'll then leave my 13-inch Mac PowerBook behind when traveling.

    Any thoughts on:

    - Cost of adding this laptop to the account?
    - Type of laptop (prefer Mac)
    - Hotspot device vs. phone reliance? (Assume zero to one additional computers using a hotspot). Does a hotspot device connect more readily with a distant cell tower?
    - 4G vs. 3G?
    - Unlocked Global vs. non-global phone (only 1-3 significant overseas trips per year)

    Thanks for any advice folks may have.
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    Once you use 4G you will never want to go back to 3G -- huge difference. I have a 4G phone but also added a 4G hotspot to the Verizon plan, admittedly an unnecessary extravagance, but having that dedicated device feeds my devices and whoever else I'm traveling with without using up the phone battery.

    I use a 13" MacBook Air, which I am very happy with. After getting it I ditched both both the iPad and MacBook Pro; now happily carry just the Air.

    For my relatively limited international travel I cheap out and use WiFi/VoIP for calling and texting whenever possible.

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    One of the MiFi devices (I guess Verizon calls them Jetpacks now) is always a good option.

    The advantage is that you can use it and still use your phone, you can charge it independently and it's a dedicated device so you'll get better speeds compared to using your phone as a hotspot.

    The way Verizon has things structured now you can purchase one relatively cheap and add it to your plan for only a few extra bucks a month.

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