See the moment when a bird shatters a plane window -- mid-flight

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    A Florida pilot said he felt flat out panic after a bird shattered the front window of his small aircraft -- in mid-air. But if he felt it, he didn't show it: He safely landed the plane moments later.

    Rob Weber said he was traveling at 170 mph Saturday afternoon, traveling toward Page Field Airport in Fort Myers, when the bird struck the window.

    "All of the sudden the window just explodes," Weber told local media. "I don't know if he was diving or what happened when I got him."

    A local NBC affiliate quoted Weber as saying that, seemingly in a split second, the window was gone and there was blood everywhere.
    The pilot said he never actually saw the bird come in the cockpit, and has no idea what it was doing before the impact. He later found the carcass in between the plane's two seats.

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    Wow. Pretty intense. You can see his hands sort of twitching like "WTF... okay... I'm not dead... now what?" but good on him for keeping his mind together.

    I get the impression it's sort of a one-way-or-the-other situation. I've seen crew react to emergencies on the train with abject terror and become basically paralyzed, or they immediately start running down the emergency preparedness checklist and deal with the emotions later. It's very interesting reading about varying reactions of people in crises.
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