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  1. I booked a trip to Europe for June 13, 2011 for my wife and me about ten months ago and used miles for upgrade to business class on the return flight but have been waiting ever since for my upgrade on the outbound flight. No upgrade seats were available on the outbound flight. I recognize that American is seeking revenue maximization but it also seems to me that since I paid a relatively high fare by booking so far in advance and since the upgrade will generate even more revenue (because of the fees) that by now American could have released some more business class seats for use as upgrade. This is not a highly traveled route and there are at least 15 business class seats left last time I checked.

    When can I expect a decision on the upgrade? Many thanks for your consideration and response.
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    Hi birdieg, welcome to MilePoint! :)

    Sorry to hear you're waiting on an upgrade to clear. As a regular AA customer, I often am waiting for my upgrades to clear as well. As you've said, AA is a business and does its best to maximize its profits. Over the last year many of us on the AA forums have noticed that they are waiting until a few days before or the day of departure to clear upgrades. This gives them the maximum amount of time to offer the seat for sale ($$$$). While the fee you pay for the upgrade would be revenue for AA, they'd get 20 times that revenue if someone actually paid for business class. It makes sense for them to wait.

    If it's a little traveled route and the cabin isn't filling up, your chances still are pretty good. I haven't missed an upgrade in the last 3 years, and I've upgraded 20 flights. Many of those were upgraded a few days before, or even a few minutes before I got on the plane! Hopefully you have similar success!

    As an aside, have you considered using It's a service (you pay for it, but they have a free trial) that lets you look for and be notified when AA opens upgrade inventory on it's flights. You might want to try that out.

    Good luck, and again, welcome to MP!
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