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    Has anyone else noticed when booking travel within 3-4 weeks of departure it seems much more difficult to find exit row or bulkhead seats available? I guess it's good for US because it means their loads are full but as a Chairman it is a little frustrating. On multiple occasions in the last few months it has pushed me to DL because with economy comfort there are more premium seats on those aircraft. I don't like to select a poor US seat hoping for an upgrade. I prefer to have a good seat in coach so an upgrade is just icing on the cake. Curious others experience or is this my issue from being a PHX based flyer.
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    I guess it depends on when / where you travel. I live in a spoke and my upgrade percentage is close to 100%. However, i feel like I end up on united more and more due to pricing/schedule). I even connected in PHX yesterday with United on both legs..
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