Seat selection on US Airways flight operated by AA

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    So I have recently purchased a RT ticket from IND-SEA on AA. When I go to AA's My Trip, and 'Select' the trip, I was taken to US Airways' page. The flights are listed as operated by AA.

    Now when I go to 'View/Change Seats' on the US Airways' trip page, I was told to return to AA to change my seat.

    So it seems like I'm stuck in an infinite loop of rebounding between the two sites.

    Anyone has a similar experience? Is there a way out of this (other than calling AA to get seat assigned)?
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    I would just call. I have had the opposite experience (AA operated by US) and it's an annoying but possible procedure using the US website. Never done it the other way around. If you call and they fix it, the system might possibly be knocked out of the loop and let you modify it later.
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