Seat Alerts Android App Now Available

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    Today we're proud to announce the release of the Seat Alerts Android app. It can be found here in the Google Play app store or go to Google Play on your Android device, and search for "ExpertFlyer" or "Seat Alerts".
    • The Seat Alerts app allows you to create a Free ExpertFlyer account if you don't already have one.
    • In-app purchasing of Seat Alerts, for advanced options or if you need more then one alert active at at time for a Free account, charged to your Google account, no credit card required.
    • The app includes push notifications so that you can be notified on your Android device if a Seat Alert finds a better seat.
    • Existing users can login to their existing account with each device to register it for push notifications.
    • The Seat Maps on the app also include SeatGuru ratings information, just tap on the seat.
    • Works with Basic and Premium ExpertFlyer accounts as well to create/manage Seat Alerts.
    So please download the app and let us know what you think. We would greatly appreciate a positive review in Google Play, or if you find something you don't like, send us an email instead. Thanks!

    For anyone using an iOS device, the previously release iOS Seat Alerts app for iPhones and iPads can be found here on iTunes.
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