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    I received notification that my inbound flight to ATL from DUB would arrive 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. I have no problems with leaving DUB 30 minutes earlier. The additional 30 minutes will make my layover in ATL over 3 hrs. Because of the schedule change does Delta owe me the option (at no cost) to move up by1 hour my connecting flight to DCA? I should have booked the hour earlier flight when I bought the ticket but I forgot I would not have to go through immigration/customs in ATL because I would do it in DUB. That was my mistake so if I have to take the original connection I am fine with that but it would be nice to get home an hour earlier as I am going to try to make it to work the next day. (Usually jet lag hits me pretty bad coming west and I take the day after I land off if it is a work day.)
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    Call and ask. Explain that the earlier arrival time now makes the earlier connection feasible and you would have booked that the first time around had the long-haul been earlier when you made the booking.

    I recently had a schedule change on a UA flight which required changing an ITH-EWR segment. That was necessary because the later EWR-ITH-EWR turn moved ~2 hours later in the day and now the ITH-EWR part of it caused a misconnect. But the new EWR-ITH timing was MUCH better for the return flight (2 hours instead of 8 at EWR). When fixing the initial flight I asked to fix the return as well. No problem at all.
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