Scenes From a North Beach Pizza Joint

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  1. The Doors soundtrack blasted above the murmur of patrons who devoured their thick pepperoni and pesto vegetarian squares. A row of loners lined the bar stools sipping ice cold draft beers while loud groups coagulated in the back. Chaos reigned up front as eyes widened through the big glass windows and the steaming pies beckoned the curious to come inside and feast. ESPN silently recapped the Celtics and Heat game. Paul Pierce was ejected after 19 points and Miami prevailed. Jim Morrison continued to croon.
    Just another night at Golden Boy Pizza…or was it?
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    The pizza cook blazed through announcing “HOT!” as he lifted the 4×2 foot sizzling square pie above the young girl pouring another Stella Artois. It was like a dance, choreographed in a smaller than narrow alleyway, and they both knew their parts well. He spun around, opened the tall door plastered with a collage of family photos, and then disappeared into the back with a freshy from the fridge. The pony-tailed lass pirouetted her way from front to back, noticing new customers quickly, and constantly minding the oven filled with square slices of goodness.
    A European tourist sampled a clam and pesto slice and impatiently asked for the “fee.” A tired woman in a blue wig and face paint devoured a cheese slice. A handsome, young, Swiss gentleman ordered a combo and a Diet Coke. A grey -haired older woman in a dress stumbled by with a small glass filled to the rim with red wine and took her pepperoni piece to the back corner. A San Francisco local sat among them, sipping a Mirror Pond Pale Ale, cutting the pesto veggie with a knife and fork. Nobody felt alone, despite being so.
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    The headline began to stream across the bottom of the television “Breaking News…Usama Bin Laden has been killed…” It seemed strange, at first. The Doors continued to rant and rave. The pizza cook yelled “Change it! Turn it on!” Nobody paid attention. He ran up to the front, silenced Jim Morrison, and turned the TV to Fox News. The normalcy of the joint halted and all eyes turned to the flat screen above the window. Obama strutted down the carpet to the podium. Silence ensued. People began to stream in off the street and fill the restaurant, all eyes above the pies. The crowd watched in camaraderie.
    After the announcement, the Doors enlivened the space again and all seemed to go back to the usual. Strangers began to discuss the announcement and per the San Francisco norm, somebody screamed “Why are we watching Fox News?! This is San Francisco, not Montana!” The room ignored him.
    Hey, I just tell it as I hear it.
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