Save $10.00 with $100.00 Gift Card Spend.

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    Visited my local Meijers Grocery store, and flushed my OD $200.00 VISA GIFT CARD, and received 4 $5.00 coupons off my next 10 days grocery purchases.

    Word us other grocery stores are using the same promotion.

    Works out 5X on the INK for 1,000 points, plus $20.00 off the grocery bill, good till 1/3/2015, and I still have a $200.00 Meijer Gift Card to spend, for food, or some other things they sell...

    Time to fill the freezer,

    There are always ways to make a buck, without working too hard...making my money work for me, cause I did work for it...

    10% return is not bad in less than 2 weeks....

    Hope this gives someone an idea....
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