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    We're off to Savannah for a long weekend. I've read Tripadvisor. They have some useful information, but I'd much rather hear from my milepoint friends about What's Doing in Savannah.

    We're staying in the historic part of town.
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    Definitely take one of the trolley or buggy/carriage tours. The squares are all unique and beautiful and well worth a nice ride to see. Hit the shops on the river side of the bluff. There's a Williamsburg Peanut shop. If you like nuts, salty or sweet, it's worth a stop. Someone else will certainly be around with restaurant recommendations. I know there are some excellent low country seafood places just outside of town on a couple of the bayous/rivers. Assuming you have a car, those are a good bet for authentic local seafood.
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    I been visiting Savannah ever since the bicentennial; and like pretty much everthing else, it was better when I was young:rolleyes:.
    The reason to visit Savannah is the overwhelming beauty of the place. Of course, you'll want to stroll up and down Bay Street and River Street; but early on in your visit please stop by the Visitors Information Center at 301 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. A little map of the downtown on a brochure that will fit in a pocket comes in very handy.
    Now just a word on getting in trouble. Because Savannah is so beautiful that it is almost like a fantasy, people sometimes loosen their grip on reality. Savannah is not a protected environment, like some kind of amusement park. It's a small city with a good police department. (jeepers,folks, the town is a seaport!) Be aware of your surroundings and play safe.
    If you are a morning person, I suggest drive out to Tybee Beach; otherwise head to the river to great the morning.
    If you are an evening person, I suggest you try to catch the last of the daylight at an outdoor bar or restaurant in the historic district.
    And of course, don't leave town without getting your picture snapped standing in front of the fountain in Forsyth Park. :)
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    I lived in Savannah for a few years. It seems to have buildings of historical significance on every square, so definitely a visit to Info Center will be able to narrow down what you want to see. I think Tybee Island has the best seafood, but gets really crowded on the weekends.

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