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    just FYI, I got the CSP in August, right before the Reserve came out. I met the spend, and was curious about the Reserve for those bonus points. I looked online on Chase's site for any preamp proved offers, and it showed only the Freedom. On a whim, I stopped in at the branch and had them look me up, and it showed a pre approval for the Reserve as well.

    I wanted to put that out for anyone not seeing a pre approval, but wanting the Reserve anyway...go to the branch
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    The branch managers can do the same for any Chase Card.

    They are always trying to get the customer to open another checking account or some service...

    Got to love it when they say you have been approved for another card, my bankers know I abuse the system, and they too play the game.

    Just open and account, put money in it, pay the bills on time and everyone is happy.

    This can becoming habit forming,,

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