San Francisco Snow?

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  1. For those who dreamed of a snow day in San Francisco whilst the rest of the country enjoyed multiple 3 and 4-day work weeks, your wish is about to come true!
    For the first time since 1976, snow could hit downtown San Francisco and actually stick around for a few minutes. It’s predicted to arrive by Friday afternoon, at least by Saturday morning, or possibly as early as Thursday night.
    [​IMG]Photo courtesy of Simon Fraser University
    How will this affect our commute to work the next couple of days? If you absolutely have to venture out, please be aware of the following guidelines -
    • Chains will be required north of Geary St and west of Kearny St, including around Union Square as a winter storm warning will be issued Thursday evening for Nob and Russian Hill
    • All bike lines will be cross-country ski-only lanes
    • Hipsters can pick up chains for their skinny bike tires after performing a “detour” (a la The Amazing Race) in Dolores Park. Rumors imply the detour includes building one snowman at least 9 inches high while chugging a Pabst and wearing ‘80’s sunglasses
    • Those wearing skis or snowboard will be allowed to hang off the back of MUNI # 27, 71, 38L, 19, and especially the 1. Mason, Taylor, and Jones streets will be closed to traffic for the hooky-playing half-pipers. Cable cars will be halted to clear space for the tow rope
    • BART will open up the underground bathrooms for the first time since 2001 as well as stock trains with Clif Bar samples and Kombucha tea in anticipation of trains stuck in the tunnel due to snow
    • The Zynga shuttle will offer free transit to Mt. Tam for a rare backcountry expedition. The KRON4 traffic helicopter will provide drop-off on the summit of Mt. Diablo for heli-skiing after 2 pm, BYOP (bring your own pot)
    • Sledding commences in Alamo Square and Golden Gate Park at 4 pm sharp on Friday
    [​IMG]Photo courtesy of Icer Air 2005
    So get outside and catch some snowflakes on your tongue. This is history being made folks; it’s the first time in decades that San Francisco will garner the snow attention so lavishly given to the rest of the nation on a regular basis. Enjoy it!
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