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    I have a honeymoon upcoming, part of which will include four nights in San Francisco. I have Platinum status with Marriott, and have stayed at the Marquis before and was not impressed.

    I have about 400K points to spend.

    Who has experience in San Fran at Marriott properties and has a good recommend?

    We want to be close to the action as we'll be ditching the rental car prior to spending four nights in the city. So we don't want to be too far from the touristy stuff.

    Appreciate any advice.
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    I don't know the SF Marriott properties. In general, I'd probably rather be near Fisherman's Wharf. Most of Marriott's SF properties are near Union Square, which is fine and dandy (and there are rental car offices there for ditching the car). It may depend on which bits of "touristy stuff" are appealing to you.

    In general, consider whether each night is a good use of points. SF hotels can be sane on weekends, and priceline can work well in SF. I've gotten 4* properties around Union Square for well under $100.
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    "The Action" is nowhere near Fisherman's Wharf, unless you plan on Hooters, Applebees, and a myriad of other "tourist hell" items with little to no local flavor in an area poorly served by public transit. (A few hours up there for the length of your entire stay is plenty. There are a few worthwhile things up there.) JW Marriott is in a great location to be "car-less," a short walk to Chinatown, the best shopping, cable car lines, and good dining. I've never stayed at the JW but haven't heard anything negative.
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    I've heard little good about the Marriott Fisherman's Wharf. Disclaimer: because of that I've never stayed there so this is all second-hand info. But it's an expensive category 8 hotel, charges $50/day for parking, rooms are 320 sq/ft. Just doesn't appeal to ME and the location is 100% tourist trap.

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