San Francisco’s Gardens of Eden – Clandestine Public Spaces

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  1. Look out for the POPOs - we’re not talking SFPD, we’re talking Privately Owned Public Open Spaces. There are dozens scattered across downtown San Francisco in the Financial District and SOMA.
    [​IMG]Photo courtesy of SF Streetsblog
    It may be a rooftop, or it may be a small park, but usually it’s simply unmarked and unknown. Thankfully, the San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association (SPUR) drew up a handy map outlining various POPO locations.​
    [​IMG]Map courtesy of bigthink
    Despite working in the downtown concrete jungle, office workers have no excuse not to leave their desks and enjoy lunch outside. Locals and tourists alike will find covert terraces, sublime views, and peace of mind. Don’t worry about feeling surreptitious; even if you have to get past a security guard, these spaces are legally enjoyed!
    [​IMG]Photo courtesy of the Examiner

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