San Diego - Grand Hyatt or Andaz?

Discussion in 'Hyatt | World of Hyatt' started by katstarr, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I'm going to San Diego for 3 nights between xmas and new year. looking mainly for sun and relaxation, and maybe some good food and nice outdoor runs.

    I'm trying to decide between the Grand Hyatt or the Andaz. I've over researched and am making myself crazy. I'm a diamond, and would likely use a suite upgrade. I don't want to spend much, but rates are pretty cheap - government rate (yes, I'm eligible) is $110 for the Grand Hyatt, $134 for the Andaz.

    Is Andaz overly chic or cool or noisy to the point where its annoying, or is it lovely? what about the Grand Hyatt? Is it too large, or is it nice and comfortable - especially with a suite?

    suggestions? thanks.
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  2. legalalien
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    Grand Hyatt is OK, but large and somewhat impersonal, convention hotel. Andaz is better. I also like Andaz location better; it's in the middle of town. GH will likely have better views though.
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    Grand Hyatt is ginormous, go with the Andaz. Also during the time you will be there it will feel even bigger and impersonal since there are tons of people and lots of areas are roped off for special events (my experience last year on NYE) and us mere plebs are cramped in to everywhere else. It's just too big, and valet car retrieval also takes a while.
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    I have stayed at both and would highly recommend the Manchester Grand. You will be on the water with great views and a better location than the Andaz.

    I was not overly impressed with the Andaz hotel in terms of rooms or location.
  5. bambilam

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    I've stayed at both a number of times. The hotels are close to each other so when I visit San Diego I try to alternate between both hotels during my stay, and sometimes the PH Aviara -- which is not in San Diego, but well worth the drive, especially for redeeming a suite upgrade and getting much needed R&R.

    Haven't stayed in a suite at the GH, but the rooms are recently renovated. I thought the regency club was spacious with good food options and views. The hotel location is nice for runs along the waterfront. The front desk, valet and housekeeping staff were all great. There's also two pools and much more sun deck space than at the Andaz. It's a large hotel, but I felt relaxed and not too convention-like.

    At the Andaz, I've stayed in both a suite and regular room. I prefer the rooms here than at the GH. As far as relaxation goes, I'm in my mid 20s and found the Andaz to be overall annoying (loud even on my weekday stays and the staff are novice). The rooftop breakfast for Diamonds is my favorite. The Andaz is in the Gaslamp area so it's closer to more restaurant options, but then again the GH is not a far walk.
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    I disagree, and I think it's probably a preference thing.

    The Grand does have much better views.

    But, with all apologies to Papa Doug, it's often over-crowded and the restaurants and bars are often just plain dirty with poor service. The experience at the Andaz is much better.

    From a room perspective, I think it just is a matter of taste. I like the style of the Andaz. But hotels of that type are probably more likely to turn some people off than are hotels like the Grand that play it "down the middle".

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    I spent a few nights at the Andaz and loved it. I'm partial to their decor, and loved the diamond breakfast up on the roof.

    Not sure if it's a factor for you, but we didn't have a car and the hotel drove us to a number of sites around town.

    Like everything else, it's a matter of taste. Personally i've transitioned from the larger convention style hotels to smaller properties like the Andaz for (what i feel like) is a more personal experience.


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