San Diego Airport Reveals New Baggage System

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    The San Diego International Airport unveiled Terminal Two’s new baggage handling system Tuesday.
    In a behind-the-scenes tour, NBC 7 got a glimpse of what happens after passengers check their luggage.

    The system includes1.5 miles of conveyor belts, according to airport officials. It currently handles 100,000 bags a month, but that number will increase after the terminal’s new gates go online.

    Transportation Security Administration spokesperson Nico Melendez explains how the system works: After passengers check their luggage, the bags are screened for explosives; they are either cleared or sent to a TSA agent for inspection. Then a conveyor belt takes the bags to the runway.

    “It will process a bag from intake to ready to go to the plane in about 10 minutes,” said Thella Bowens, President and CEO of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

    “It gets it back to the way it was for passengers pre-9/11, where they dropped their bags off at the ticket counter and they say goodbye to it until they see it on the other side,” Melendez said.
    The new system cost $35 million, 90 percent of which was funded by the Department of Homeland Security, according to Bowens.

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    Congrats to San Diego on finally doing what many other airports already have. It's sad that they're having to promote it as "the way it was for passengers pre-9/11" since many airports still operate that way without the need for passengers to bring their own bag to a TSA checkpoint for inspection.
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    I hear they hired the Rome airport to be special advisor during their design process. ;)

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