Samsung, HTC, Motorola Endorse Google Wallet Rival, Isis

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    Samsung, HTC, Motorola Endorse Google Wallet Rival, Isis:)

    Major cell phone manufacturers, excluding Apple, have publicly announced upcoming support for Isis, a carrier-led mobile payments platform.

    HTC, LG, Motorola, RIM, Samsung Mobile and Sony Ericsson will all introduce mobile devices equipped with near-field communications (NFC) technology that supports Isis' NFC standards, Isis said in a statement on Tuesday.

    This is the first show of public support Isis has received from manufacturers.
    Like Google Wallet,, Isis uses near-field communication (NFC) chips in upcoming smartphones to enable mobile payments. But spokesman Jaymee Johnson promises one huge difference when Isis finally launches in the spring of 2012: diversity.

    "It's safe to say that when Isis launches we'll have multiple payment networks, multiple issuers, multiple handsets, multiple operating systems, multiple manufacturers," Johnson told me in an interview earlier this month.,2817,2393688,00.asp#fbid=MIVN8RSNfUR

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