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    Can I have two of the same cards but different levels?

    EX -
    If I apply for Sapphire can I then get the Sapphire Preferred too? (as separate cards, not upgrading the card, resulting in 2 cards?)

    And can you get the signup bonuses for each? 10,000 for Sapphire and 40,000 for preferred

    Basically if the basic level card has no annual fee I would like to keep it and get the upgraded card separately. (citi thankyou, amex hilton are other examples too)
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    You can often have both and get bonuses for both. This tends to vary a little bit between card issuers and over time as policies change but in general, different levels of the card are considered separate products.
    I have had bonuses for both of the Sapphire card though I didn't hold them at the same time. With Amex, I recently got a regualar free HHonors card (and bonus) despite already having an active HHonors Surpass card.
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