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    If you looked at this Brazil forum, you might be forgiven for thinking that Brazil comprises only Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and some waterfalls.

    I feel compelled to start a thread about Brazil's third-largest city, the old colonial capital, UNESCO site, the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture, the land of fusion cuisines and religions, the land of happiness and the gateway to the northeast, Salvador da Bahia.

    More to come later. For now, a friend named Randy, an American who runs a record shop in the Pelourinho, has a website that covers history and off-the-beaten-track sights, sounds, and flavors of Bahia. His website should fill in many of the details you won't find in the normal travel guides.

    Salvador also features a different - some say better - style of Carnaval from that seen in Rio de Janeiro.
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    Nossa, que bom de ver isso aqui! :confused:

    Sorry, just got a bit happy to see the new thread started by harvson3, thank you. :)
    But it’s true, most people when they think about this southern colossus think only of beautiful Rio, exciting and fast moving São Paulo or maybe the captivating Iguassu Falls, that’s it. When in reality Brazil has much more to offer, especially in the northeastern ‘corner’ of the country. So, starting a thread about this beautiful historical city by the sea, is a great idea. As they would say in Brazil, “muito bacana”.
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    Salvador also has Pelorinho with magnificent 16th and 17th century edifices as well as the former Convento do Carmo which has one of the most delightful restored 16th C hotels on earth. Initally built in 1586 it has a long and colorful history and a glorious visit for residents only that includes an original chapel.
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    I visited this city and have fond memories. Part of the city is a UNESCO site.

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