Ryanair prepaid card customers face "hefty' fees

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    Ryanair prepaid card customers face "hefty' fees:mad:

    Ryanair customers who try to avoid the budget airline's booking fees by using its new card could be charged hefty fees unless they use it every month.

    The user guide for the Ryanair Cash Passport reveals that after six months, anyone who does not use the card will be charged £2.50 a month for inactivity, while a ten pound charge will be levied every time the card goes into negative territory because of the inactivity fee.

    Customers will also be charged £2 for withdrawing money from cash machines, and £4 if they try to get cash out over the counter.

    From November 1, the new prepaid card the only way to avoid a £6 each way charge per person per flight when booking with Ryanair. Previously, customers could use any prepaid Mastercard (NYSE: MA - news) to avoid the charges.

    Unlike a debit card, a prepaid card has to be loaded with money in advance before being used to pay for things and is estimated to be held by only 5pc of the population.

    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has proposed that charges for paying by debit card should be banned, prior to Ryanair introducing the new card.



  2. I have also just discovered that, not only do you have to l;oad the card with £150 minimum at the point of purchase, but also a minimum of £150 each and every time you top up. If you want a second card it's £6 and if you want to cancel your card and get any residual cash back it's another £6. Cheap flights, cheap flights, feckity feckity feck; oh yeah!

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