Ryanair encourages staff to watch their weight in attempts to save on their fuel bill

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    What would you do if your boss asked you to watch your weight? Chances are you’d be a bit offended, right? Well, spare a thought for poor Ryanair staff, who have been “encouraged to watch their weight.”

    Why? Well apparently the low fares airline is attempting to save itself some money when it comes to fuel costs. Therefore, if their staff weigh less, their fuel costs will lower. Eh…what next? Asking passengers to diet for a few weeks before they board the plane?
    The Irish Independent reports that encouraging staff to watch their weight is only one of the new ways to trim the airline's fuel bill. They’re also reducing the size of its in-flight magazine and serving passengers less ice in their drinks. Amazing.

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    Ha ha ha as hilarious as the report is no airline weighs there pax or staff at the moment so an average weight is always used for adult child and infant. So fuel load would be the same regardless of the crews weight! Sure u could get all staff to lose ten pounds and this would be countered by one of the 189 pax being fat!!! Maybe the carriers should offer discounts for skinny passengers!

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