Russia Plans Luxury Hotel 217 Miles Above Ground

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    Russia Plans Luxury Hotel 217 Miles Above Ground:)

    After Sir Richard Branson made the dream of commercial space tours a reality through his Virgin Galactic firm, a Russian firm in a similar vein is planning to launch the world's first space hotel.
    The Daily Mail reported that the hotel will orbit 217 miles above ground and is expected to open by 2016. The hotel, which is called the Commercial Space Station (CSS), will be placed within 62 miles of the International Space Station.
    Passengers will head to the space hotel in a Russian Soyuz rocket. The CSS has a capacity to accommodate seven people in four cabins. The cabins will be fitted with huge windows which will give visitors a glimpse of the earth. Earthly comforts include a choice of beds placed in vertical or horizontal positions. Food prepared on earth will be carried to the hotel.
    Orbitel Technologies chief executive Sergei Kostenko said that the CSS will not be like the ISS but will have the comforts of a hotel. At five-day 600,000 pounds stay - which includes the ferrying cost - is certainly targeted at rich customers.
    The CEO of Orbital Technologies, Sergey Kostenko said: "I am pleased to announce our intention to provide the global marketplace a commercially available orbital outpost. Once launched and operational, the CSS will provide a unique destination for commercial, state and private spaceflight exploration missions."e Ground
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    As an elite member, I demand to be placed on a high floor! ;)
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    You do realize that the view is better from the 'ground' floor, right? :)
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