RTW with a 2-4-1

Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by BWIflyer, Apr 24, 2011.

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    I have a companion fare on BA which expires Dec 2012. I would like to go on RTW from East Coast. How many miles will I need to go on J or B and how many cities I can visit.
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    From what I understand, it can't be done. To do a RTW with BA miles, you have to have some legs on their One World partners. The two for one can only be on BA metal. Sorry.
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    That's correct, if you really do want a round-the-world routing you cannot do it via BA as they don't do any transpacific flying back to the US!

    The farthest you can go from BWI is BWI-LHR-SIN-SYD, I would think. (A SIN routing is about 50 miles farther than a BKK routing, though I don't think SIN-SYD is offered daily as BKK is.) But then you'd have to return back via Asia and Europe.

    Here's something to know. The cost in BA miles to fly BA to some of the further reachest (to London and then beyond) grows substantially. If you wanted to fly to a particular destination it is sometimes cheaper to fly on a partner and pay for both awards than to pay for a BA award and then use the companion award. E.g. JFK-HKG is 200k for 2 passengers in business class on Cathay Pacific. JFK-LHR-HKG is 240k for 2 passengers in business class on British AIrways even using a companion ticket!

    The companion ticket is generally a good value for awards that naturally routing through London on BA vs other partners, e.g. Africa the awards are expensive (180k apiece for business) but there's not a better less expensive partner alternative.

    Now, with BA you can do as many stopovers as you wish as long as you are traveling in one direction (on the most direct route, interpretations vary). But with the requirement for the companion award of all-BA metal that does limit you. You could do

    BWI-London (stop)
    London - Bangkok (stop)
    Bangkok - Sydney (destination)
    Sydney - Singpaore (stop)
    Singapore - London (stop again)
    London - BWI

    That's 4 stopovers plus your destination. And you could plan and ticket separate sidetrips from LHR, BKK, SIN, SYD while you're at it.

    But that would be 280k BA miles for business class or 420k BA miles for first class for one passenger with the second passenger 'free' (though still paying fuel surcharges and taxes).

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