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  1. Thought I'd start the thread on this Canadian credit card that I've used for about 8 years now. No I don't flip-flop cards every year because I think this card provides great value for the following reasons:
    • 1 point for every dollar spent with 25% bonus on "travel" purchase - as FF's, I'd imagine many people rack up serious air, hotel, rental car, etc, charges
    • Reward redemption provides a max ticket price which you can buy on any airline, any flight, in economy or business, as long as there is a seat - I typically use it around the holidays when I know the flight will be more than the max value OR I book business/exec fares to maximize the dollars
    • As rewards are revenue fares, you earn the related status miles for the fare (e.g., T+ fare on Air Canada would earn 100% status miles and Exec fare on Air Canada would earn 150% status miles)
    • You can pay for your taxes with points (although this is not as good value vs. saving for the next reward redemption
    • Promo that typically runs 2x per year where you can transfer your points to British Airways at a rate of 1:1.5 - this assumes you have good OW flights from your city and you should also note that these are not status earning flights
    Here are the full details about the card:

    Would love to hear about any promos related to the card as they come up. I wonder if they are still running the promo where they were giving new members 20k bonus points as well as waiving the fee in the first year.... maybe someone else out there knows?
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    you beat me to this thread....

    the 20K promo link is still live and i suspect that RBC's IT system is less than ideal in stopping the bonus from posting....

    i have since cancelled that card sign up and so now my only avion is my sup card under my wifes so i am waiting to get another one and another bonus. just waiting for them to change the 2010 to 2011.

    just check over at RFD...the OP who first posted this 20K avion deal also posted a TD link that was supposed to be dead but i used it for my wife and she got the miles 2 years after it was supposed to be dead...
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    I have it. Great product and a good looking card too.
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    Well... I have it too.
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    I have a friend who lives in Montreal & has this card. He trusts me to use my expertise to decide when to transfer to AA or BA. I found out that RBC is very strict on the name match: His RBC card lists him as "Bill," so a transfer to his BA account under his real name "Wilhelm" (his father was a German immigrant) was rejected!

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