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    I'm new at booking award travel and have a question that probably seems stupid to experienced users here. I think I know the answers but I want to make sure before doing something I might regret. I am use to always booking paid round trip tickets so I offer the following.

    I finally earned enough miles to take my annual trip to China in FC. My question is - I notice that the availability of award travel tickets varies every few days. Sometimes I can find the right ticket to get there but at that particular time there isn't anything available during the time frame I have to return. Sometimes it works the other way around.

    Question #1 - Is there any harm or reason why I cant go ahead and book a one way award ticket to China on one day and then book the return at a later date or the other way around?

    #2 - Lets say I use award travel to book a flight from stl-ord-pek-csx on 10-09-12 but later find out that date isn't going to work. Am I only allowed to change that ticket to another date with the same exact routing or can I change it later to something different? I assume some type of award travel must be available on a day you want to change to. What is the typical cost to make changes once you book award travel for international flights?

    Thanks for any info that can be provided.
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    I'm not an expert, but I think the round trip might give you access to stopovers in route. I book one ways so I can grab the outbound as soon as it opens, then wait for the return to open.
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    Yes, a return trip allows a stopover that a one-way does not. If you change a one-way to a return trip you can add the stopover in; fee there will depend on elite status.

    Regarding changing a one-way award (or any award, really) the fees are based on elite status, what you change and when you change it. If you change to a new travel date 21+ days out and keep the same cabin and carriers there are no fees, even if the routing changes. If you switch carriers or cabin there may be a fee based on status. If you do it inside 21 days there may be a fee based on status.

    Also note that booking for travel on 10 October - 17 days from now - will incur a fee depending on status.

    The full fee schedule is here:
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