rookie mistake with hotel points ends well

Discussion in 'Hilton | Honors' started by fyfedog, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I am new to the miles/points community and thought I was being clever by booking my Hilton visits through priceline (to get 2X through UR) and I also registered for the double points promotion. Little did I know that when you book through 3rd party you don't earn ANYTHING for hotel points.

    While at the hotel the front desk informed me that as a Gold member (through status match) I could get free breakfast OR 750 bonus points for a Hilton Garden. I opted for the bonus points hoping they would double. Anyway, come to find out that not even this perk was permitted under T&C...

    This ends well because I tweeted to Hilton that I thought it was odd that the front desk misinformed me because I could have at least got a free this afternoon that they not only gave me the 750 bonus points, but also credited my account for ALL I would have earned by booking through the Hilton website. Bonus!

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