Ron Zacapa Centenario in Duty Free

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    I contemplated starting a thread like this ever since I first got to taste Ron Zacapa rum at GUA airport in 2007. The Lonely Planet Guatemala had a paragraph along the lines of 'If you are stupid enough not to love this stuff buy some and make somebody at home happy'. Since then I've made quite a few people and enjoyed a few bottles on my own.

    Ron Zacapa
    What is so special about the rum you may ask. Buy a bottle and never ask again would be the quick response. This is the kind of rum you sip neat or perhaps on the rocks and not use with a mixer.
    The rum originates from a special region in Guatemala and is aged in used whiskey and bourbon barrels. Due to the Solera process used not the entire content of a 23 year old rum is actually 23 years old. Once every year rum that is lost to evaporation etc in a single barrel is replaced with rum from the next younger year. After 23 years you end up with a really nice blend of rum.

    There a multiple kinds of this liquid happiness. The 15 year old Zacapa 15 is the youngest blend but already quite good. Most common I believe is the regular Zacapa 23 which also comes in a Zacapa 23 Negra (black label) variety. The highlight is the 25 year old Zacapa XO.
    If you are not sure which one to buy, go for the regular 23 year old version.


    A few years back it was rather hard to obtain a bottle or two of this rum. My local (German) dealer would have to charge me upwards of 100 Euro for a small bottle of the regular 23 year old rum. Every time I traveled I scoured around the duty free shops hoping to find it.

    So here is a list of airport locations with prices plus date when the prices where last updated. Feel free to extend this list.

    airport   15yo    23yo     XO      date     comment
    GUA       yes    yes       yes     2007     free tasting!
    ZRH       --     ~60E      --      2010-12  only 23yo available
    YYZ       yes    $CAD 50   yes     2010-04  cheap!

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