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Rome2Rio travel planning

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by viguera, Dec 3, 2013.  |  Print Topic

  1. viguera
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    It's kind of silly name, but an interesting product...


    It's basically an itinerary planning tool. You put in your origin/destination cities and it gives you options on how to get there.

    If for example you put in New York and Florence, it will give you the obvious options like JFK/EWR to Florence (along with prices), but also will spit out less obvious alternatives like flying into BLQ or MXP and taking the train (and associated costs).

    Probably worth taking a look at, even if just to make sure you're considering all the options.
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  2. Muerl
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    I have definitely found it to be worthwhile. They have better transit info than google, and good info on intermediary transport.

    It was very helpful to figure out the best way to get my Mother in law from BGR to Siena, by showing train tables and costs.

    It also is good for things like "How do I get to the southern suburbs of MEL from the airport"

    They also have an API, which is on my list of things to look at, but well many things are there.
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