Rome to San Marino Day Trip

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    I got on with the Wideroe EWR-MXP deal for 5 days/4 nights in Italy. I'm thinking of a day trip from Rome to San Marino. Hopefully you can help answer some of my questions!
    • Is it worth it? (I'm mainly doing it to cross another country off the list!)
    • Also - what's the best way to go about doing it? There aren't flights from Rome to Rimini anymore, so the train seems like the best option.
    • I could also do an overnight in Rimini on the way back to Milan, but I would be pooped catching the 4am train to MXP to make my UA flight home.
    • Also have the option to visit Venice instead of San Marino. Opinions?
    • Any other suggestions for things to do in Rome or San Marino?
    Many thanks in advance!!
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    Personally unless you want to just want/need another country on your list I wouldn't bother with San Marino ( which IMHO is just a tourist trap) or even for that matter Rimini a seaside resort .. can you say the Atlantic City of the Adriatic coast?
    A far more interesting town would be Ravenna which is a UNESCO site famous for its wonderful mosaic covered buildings.

    Certainly Venice would be the choice especially if you think you might never go that way again but really needs more than a day trip.
    My suggestion is to rent a car and spend the day driving around either Lake Como or Lake Garda ( Sermione, Verona, etc) or alternately head south to Pavia with its fantastic Certosa one of the most beautiful (Carthusian) monastery in all Europe.
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    Hey there!

    I agree and would probably skip San Marino. If you want a cool day trip from Rome I'd suggest the villages of Civita di Bagnoregio, Calcata, or Sermoneta. They're all only about an hour's drive from Rome and are really historic and enchanting. Plus the food is incredible.
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    Hello, another option from Rome is to go to Naples and Pompei. Rome-Naples is very close, about an hour with trains.
    Rimini is very nice (for those who like crowds, clubs and nightlife) in summer, the rest of the year is simply a small city, without anything special.
    Venice is beautiful, but (in my opinion) travel rome-venice-milan for only one day is wasted
    If you want to just want/need another country on your list do not forget "Città del Vaticano" (vatican city), is in Rome, but it is another country :)
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    If you're flying in and out of MXP and haven't been to Venice, I'd consider going there instead of Rome. You didn't mention when you're going, but Venice is a very nice winter destination as well, subject to beautiful (and very atmospheric) fogs. Assuming you have any interest at all in Venice's historic interiors, four days would be a good amount of time to spend there.
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    IMHO I woul just stay in Rome and visit some of it.

    Completely agree: Rimini is like a little Miami but in summer, in wintertime you go there just to go to the variuos discos.

    Citta' del Vaticano definetely merits a visit, especially The Vatican Museum.

    Forget Naples and Pompei: just want to stay there longer than a day just to savor the food.
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    Been to all over Italy... skip San Marino, not much there... Rimini is not even worth mentioning... go to Venice as other suggested, or Florence, or Pisa north of Rome, or Naples and Vesuvius south of Rome... or even stay in Rome, 5 days is not much time at all...
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