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    Marriott Rochester went through a complete renovation a few years ago - unusual in that it was not just cosmetic - they moved walls, windows, the pool, etc. It is slightly disconcerting because from the outside it looks like a 20 year old property....but within is a different story!

    Called for directions, front desk was quick, concise, and correct. (amazing how often that does not occur) Check-in was the same. Placed on the CL floor. Although profile states quiet room away from elevator, this room was 1 door down and directly across from the CL entry. Unusual - this hotel usually reads the profiles. CL open until 10PM - at 9:30, there was still fruit, a few cookies, coffee, etc. Not bad (as compared to) usual CL hours/offerings/supplies the last few years! AM offerings were fairly standard (with 1 hot item), but well maintained, clean and neat. Hostess pleasant.

    Room standard size, in the red/gold/black decor. Well maintained. Details of renovation are apparent in this hotel - closet doors are wood and open (not slide, bath door has insets of frosted glass, etc. In the hallways there is lots of wood trim, etc.

    Fitness Center above average. Well lit parking lot. Did not visit pool or restaurant. Lots of shopping, chain restaurants in the area. Airport shuttle; but beware - this "airport" hotel is the furthest away from any US property. If you truly want to be "at the aiport", you want to stay at the FI. (which is actually pretty nice for a FI)

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