Road warrior lifestyle in a new marriage

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  1. I'm sure there's no right or wrong answer to this question, but still, I would be very interested in your thoughts on this topic.

    I've been traveling for work for close a decade now. A lot of my projects were extended assignments where I didn't come "home" for months at a time, although I've been doing the Sun-Fri schedule for the last couple of years. With my impending wedding this year, though, I'm seriously considering a major change in my job/career that would eliminate travel for the sake of the new marriage. One of the main problem is that my particular job is not very transferable and any new job based in my home-city will likely results in a significant pay cut. Then there's also the fear that maybe my fiance and I won't get along as well if we had to see each other Okay, that was a joke, but hey, there's some truth to "the absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing![​IMG]

    Are there any current or ex Road Warriors out there who made (or contemplated) a significant job/career change for the sake of their marriage (or a serious relationship)? How did you finally make your decision? Can you look back and say if it was a good or a bad decision?

    Some of my married coworkers think that it's totally fine to not see their spouses for weeks (or months) at a time, not just temporarily, but for years and years. Others, they don't like it but deal with it anyway. I guess I'm just confused...
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    My spouse and I lived 1400 miles apart for 4 years. It was tough but I wanted to finish grad school and he needed a job. So we suffered through it. We'd spend about one weekend a month together and we'd spend summers together (when I was "off" of shool). When I finally graduated I got a job 1100 miles north of him. So we lived apart for another year. He ended up taking a completely different job (with a slight pay cut that he's just about made up for) about 100 miles south of me. So I still live 2 nights a week in a hotel.

    When I ask him if he regrets it he says he doesn't. I actually think that the new job really suits him. He kind of regrets not thinking of the career path earlier.

    I think that you start putting feelers out. The right job will present itself at the right time. In the mean time, enjoy the time that you have. Good luck and congratulations.
  3. Wow, that's quite a history you've got there! Glad to hear that it eventually worked out for both of you, even if you have to live 2 nights a week in a hotel. I'm sure you both must support each other very well for the situation to work out.

    Thank you for your encouraging words!
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    If you are getting married for an economic partnership, change nothing.

    If you are getting married for love, consider the change. After my wife and I adopted a child, I took a 60% pay cut so I could be home and be a daddy. I have never looked back.

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