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    Rewards Network are the folks behind the dining programs that offer everything from miles , Hotel points, Upromise etc.

    I have found that the places on the list are an ecelctic mix. While I don't know all of the details as to why a restaurant signs up for the program, I do know that the cost is pretty steep and tends to draw those in need of cash infusion rather than those trying to attract travellers. So I thought I would start a thread that could contribute some of the better experiences from the dining side of earning miles. These can be in your hometown or places you identified while travelling

    I use Mileage plus Dining and Upromise rewards

    To Start I will recommend two in Portsmouth NH.

    The Portsmouth Gaslight Co is known for wood fired pizzas however they do have a full menu and a a casual downstairs with a more upscale upstairs. This is the place I go to if a gift card makes sense due to promotion because we love it that much.

    The Dolphin Striker is more upscale featuring New England seafood. I don't go a lot due to cost but when we have business guests in this is a top choice due to location and food.
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    Not sure of the PHX location's quality, but our hometown Sir Veza's is actually decent Mexican and is on Rewards Network. They have recently opened a second Tucson Location but again I haven't seen the iDine list it yet. The PHX location is supposed to be in the Airport.

    Best redemption in Tucson is a Weinersnitel. Yep, cheap a$$ hotdogs on iDine. easy way to get to the VIP level at under $12 bucks.
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