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  1. Loyalty 360, offered a terrific review on their website of our latest free app called RewardingYourself.

    LoyaltyMatch, Inc., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, has launched its RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet for the Blackberry 10, which is scheduled for release on Jan. 30, and expects to have a similar app for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) by the end of this month or early next month, according to Brad Ball, LoyaltyMatch co-founder.

    Though the Blackberry 10 won’t be released until Jan. 30, the RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet has already been released to the Blackberry application site and has been downloaded by some developers, Ball told Loyalty 360. “We took what we had for managing loyalty and notched it up a level. Among the biggest issues that consumers have with loyalty programs is that they don’t know what products are available.”
    Consumers also want a way to determine if they are better off using their points, paying cash (credit) or buying from a competitor, Ball added. So the RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet combines a loyalty functionality and shopping functionality. The app enables the user to carry different loyalty programs electronically, rather than fumbling for loyalty cards or key FOBs at checkout. It also enables the user to see pricing of the product offered by other merchants.
    The app helps consumers understand, manage and maximize the value of their loyalty points or currencies, Ball said.
    With the app and a smart phone, the consumer can scan the item in question (e.g., an appliance at an electronics store), see if it is something for which he or she can use points to purchase and also get information about the prices for which other merchants sell the same product. If another merchant is offering only a small savings, the consumer may elect to continue with his purchase at the current location using points, cash or a payment card or may choose to buy from a competitor.
    The app’s in-store inventory feature makes it easy to see at a glance which stores have the item in stock. All the features of BlackBerry Maps are integrated (native mapping features will be integrated for the Android and iOS versions). The app is designed to enable the customer to find the best deal and fastest path to brick-and-mortar locations. The app also shows offers from online merchants.
    The Blackberry version also includes all the features of BlackBerry Messenger including sharing the app or rewards with a friend, push to talk and talk free to friends and capabilities.
    “This allows the customer to shop and compare,” Ball said. “No other digital wallet combines this and loyalty.”
    The app has two patents pending. However, unlike Google Wallet or similar apps, the RewardingYourself digital wallet does not include a payment mechanism.

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