Review: Traditonal Afternoon Tea @ The Westbury, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland

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    March 2013

    Our plans for the weekend were to go the Grand Canal Square to check out how far the Marker, a new hotel and member of the Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), had progressed, since the opening is only planned for 02.04.13. There is still some building work going on, but most rooms seem to be ready. After having spent hours outdoors, we were hungry and went from the Docklands to Grafton Street.

    Our destination was the Westbury, a fellow member of LHW. We had decided the previous evening to go to the Gallery. The Easter Cocoa Atelier Afternoon Tea seemed especially tempting, based on the description on the website.

    The Westbury Hotel Dublin - Ireland - One of the Leading Hotels of the World! Newly renovated. Food & Drink was perfect! by || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||, on Flickr

    ^ The Westbury Hotel, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland

    The Gallery is located on the first floor and guests can either go up the beautiful staircase or use the elevator.

    The staircase is split into two. When turning to the left you arrive immediately at the Gallery, if turning right you encounter the reception, concierge and elevators to the guest rooms.

    There was a host already waiting to seat people. Unfortunately we didn't have a reservation, and the lounge was really buzzing, so our hostess asked us to take a seat at the bench and she would try and arrange something for us or we could head for the Marble Bar. Since we wanted Afternoon Tea we decided to wait. It didn't take more than a few minutes and we were seated near the piano and a group of ladies having a baby shower.

    Soon a waitress handed us a menu. To our surprise there was no sign of the Easter Cocoa Atelier Afternoon Tea. On the website it didn't state from which date it was available. When we asked the waitress she had never heard of it before. She promised to investigate. After a longer wait our waitress returned with a print out, saying unfortunately the tea wasn't available yet. It is served between 27.03.13 and 07.04.13. It didn't matter to us, so we ordered the Traditional Afternoon Tea for 30 Euro each (ca. 40 USD). If you prefer to have it with Champagne it costs 36 Euro per person (ca. 47 USD). The Easter Afternoon Tea would have the same price. Additionally we ordered freshly squeezed orange juice for 4.50 Euro each (ca. 6 USD).

    While we were waiting for our service we took in the scene. The hotel had originally only classic features, but thanks to a renovation a few years back it has completely changed and has a more contemporary flair. In the lounge are abstract paintings, a modern fireplace, sumptuous sofas and chairs. The colors are mostly grey, blue and red. There was a good atmosphere and the age group was mixed from young to old.

    [ FUEL FOR LIFE ] by || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||, on Flickr

    ^ Our Granny's Garden Tea

    Back to our tea. To give it an elegant atmosphere our table was covered with a white linen table cloth. We ordered both the Granny's Garden Tea. There were at least nine different sorts of tea available. Ours was a fruit tea with rhubarb, vanilla and other exotic flavors. It harmonized with the food. The tea was a bit unusual served, because the sandwiches came on a separate plate than the sweet items.

    We were asked if we wanted the cakes and scones at the same time or after we had finished the savories. We said we would wait for our sweets. There were egg, turkey and cranberry, ham and crab sandwiches. We both had as a favorite the turkey and cranberry sandwiches, one of us loved the egg sandwiches, while I had as second favorite the crab.

    [ FUEL FOR LIFE ] by || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||, on Flickr

    ^ Sandwich selection

    After a short wait we received the tower. On the lower part was the clotted cream, a pot of butter and jams. The middle one contained four scones (two plain, two fruit, and they could be ordered again without any extra charge) and the top contained the cakes, which was the highlight for us. There were pistachio cakes with a raspberry, cocoa and pistachio macaroons, meringue and chocolate brownies. All was fresh, full flavored and from the finest ingredients.

    [ FUEL FOR LIFE ] by || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||, on Flickr

    ^ Cocoa / Pistachio macaroons and Lemon meringue

    When we wanted to pay it was difficult to get the attention of one of the waitresses. In the end our hostess took care of it.

    We spent around two hours at the Gallery and felt relaxed and rested afterwards. We also reserved a table during the week the Easter Cocoa Atelier Tea is available, so that we can try that one too.

    [ FUEL FOR LIFE ] by || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||, on Flickr

    Would we do the Traditional Afternoon Tea @ The Westbury Hotel again? YES!
    Would we recommend this experience to a friend? YES!

    Enjoy, safe travels. :)
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    Really Nice Review! :)
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  3. I have both statyed at the Westbury and had afternoon tea there,more than once. It is quite the experience, not quite like brown's hotel in London, but very nice none the less. It certainly did not give one the feeling that Ireland was hurting economically when I was there about a year ago.

    I have also done afternoon tea at the K club in Kildare in August when they open the windows/doors to the outside gardens. Very nice indeed,also. These have made my spouse an afternoon tea lover when in the British Isles and Ireland
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