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    Onward to my first review . . .

    This hotel is interesting because it has a rotating restaurant on an attached tower. It is the largest structure in the area and quite different from the resort style architecture of the rest of the building. I was here for business, so I did not get a chance to check out the golfing or many of the resort-like activities.

    Arrived at the hotel around 11:30 PM and checked in at the front desk. Due to a number of large meetings at the hotel, I was put into a standard two queen room. The first room was right in front of the balcony overlooking the lobby. I am an extremely light sleeper, so I asked to be moved to a different room. They have live music off of the lobby some nights and I would likely be in bed before it is over. Also with that many people in town, the bar had the opportunity to be quite loud as well.

    I got moved to what I would call the servant’s quarters. The new room was on the “pool floor” which required me to go to a different wing from the main rooms and down to a floor under the ground floor. The rooms share the wing with the hotel offices, employee dining areas, and maintenance.

    I asked for quiet and you give me what???

    I couldn’t get another room, so I trudged off to my room.

    Some issues on the way to the room:
    1. The entire hallway on the way to the elevator smelled like a skunk had sprayed the floors.
    2. Once on my floor, it smelled very wet. The only way I could describe it was a funky mildew smell that could likely be prevented with proper ventilation.

    Once in my room, I found that the door to the patio was unlocked and was difficult to lock. It didn’t seem very secure and that fact alone caused some difficulty getting to sleep as I would get up and make sure the door was locked every few minutes.

    After very little sleep, I was up trying to get some work done. They have tiered internet access. You can either have painfully slow or pay to upgrade to normal slow.

    Breakfast in the lounge was OK.

    Did breakfast in the main restaurant the next morning and that was much better, but a lot pricier.

    My coworkers talked favorably of the pool area, hot tub, and bar but I was too tired the second night to partake and collapsed into bed, too tired from the night before to care as much about the door.

    I am going to be back here at least two more times in the next few months, so I will likely update the review on my next visit . . . if I have a next visit.

    While outwardly it seemed nice, there were a lot of details that lacked attention that causes me to pause before going back. The decor feels very dated, the atmosphere in the building is very stuffy, and the damp skunk smells really gave me the impression that management lacked the desire to make the hotel live up to the rest of the grounds and scenery.

    That is why depending on my mood at the time of booking, I might stay at a different property when I am in the area again. The hotel is OK, but I think I would rather stay at a hotel that doesn’t think it is chocolate milk when it is actually watered down Yoo-hoo.
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    Thanks for the review. Never a good thing when the word 'skunk' is part of the review. :eek:
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    Same here.
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    No kidding!
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