Retired BA pilot claims air on passenger jets isn't safe

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    A former British Airways pilot who retired on medical grounds in 2006 claims that the air on passenger jets is not always safe, and poses a risk to the health of both passengers and crew.

    The Express reports that Captain Tristan Loraine has spent the last few years working with fellow medically-retired air crew to expose the problem. Then, last month they had a breakthrough when the research of Professor Clement Furlong, an expert in biochemistry and organophosphates at the University of Washington in Seattle, showed that there are more potentially dangerous toxins in jet engine oil than previously thought. These can cause nausea, dizziness and long-term psychological damage.

    Mr Loraine, who is a former official in the British Airline Pilot's Association, told The Express: "On May 1, 2001, I got a call that changed my life. A colleague told me he had been exposed to contaminated air and collapsed, would lose his job and asked me to investigate. I was a union rep and so I did.

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    I imagine mentioning more specifics would've helped this sound more serious. Waiting for the "big" day in court does not help much in getting the point across to the public.
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